About Jose Mathias

your marketing partner for the future.

I solve business problems.

I started using Adobe Suite when I was 6 and created my first website for a business when I was 13. It’s safe to say my skills have improved considerably since then; yes, that is comic sans on the menu.


I have worked professionally in digital marketing for the last 6 years. Today I complete projects of all sizes from one-off websites to design and content marketing contracts spanning several years.

My clients are varied. In my roster, you will find international pharmaceutical and recruitment companies, contractors, pop-up shops, clothing labels, a television presenter/comedian, social media influencers and well-known event brands.

I am comfortable wearing a lot of hats, but these fit best:

  • Designer (web, digital, print, social media)
  • Content Strategist (calendar, idea generation, production, distribution, SEO)
  • Website Designer / Developer / Maintainer with a focus on WordPress

These skills can be combined to produce landing pages, sales funnels, social media content calendars, website & content management,  advertising, and more. I am adept at executing marketing projects from start to finish and have cultivated project management, budgeting, team management, research, and logistics management expertise.

I have been known in client offices as the postman; I always deliver.

Another facet of my service is my attention to detail and file management. I am tidy and professional and work in the morning as if I have a handover in the afternoon.

Get in touch with me to start a conversation today. I look forward to hearing from you.

José Mathias