About José Mathias


José is a marketing professional with over 6 years’ experience in delivering results for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. He specialises in content and design, and is a skilled project manager who welcomes difficult problems and messy situations.

As the founder of online magazine NZE (New Zealand Entrepreneurs) in 2013, José developed strong story-telling and interviewing skills as well as an understanding of how people engage with and share content. He has continued developing these abilities and has applied them to different markets for SaaS startups, recruitment companies, government programmes, and events.

José is also a strong designer, having learned Adobe Suite back when CS2 was the latest version. He has an excellent understanding of UX/UI principles and is talented at designing solutions that appeal to people and produce results. Data-led decision-making is a particular area of expertise for José and he has improved conversion rates 3x for some organisations through hypothesis, design, and split testing.

What José enjoys most of all is managing difficult projects and solving problems. He has the ability to satisfy all stakeholders of a project such as the end user, the teams and individuals engaged in the work, and the company and managers who the project is being done for.

As a leader, José serves his team-mates by giving them what they need to excel at their jobs. He remains focused on the goal, communicates the ‘why’ to the team regularly, and takes full responsibility for any shortcomings.