CHASE Recruitment


CHASE Search and Selection Ltd trading as CHASE / CHASE People / CHASE Recruitment is the largest independent recruitment and contract sales agency in the UK.

Following a recapitalisation by Vespa Capital, the multi-million dollar contract sales organisation (CSO) required an improvement to their social media and content marketing which was producing poor results at the hand of another agency.

My objectives were to create a strong social media presence, grow the existing social media audience, increase blog traffic organically, and push leads to convert.

social media

Organic and Advertising on Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn


Blog Posts + Long-Form Guides for Lead-Gen Landing Pages

inbound marketing

Split-Tested Landing Pages

Project Management

I quickly developed a talented contract-based team consisting of a content producer, designer, and digital marketer to complete this project.

Once handover to my team was complete, we developed a plan with targets set for the team. I liaised directly with the CEO to ensure our activities were in line with the direction CHASE intended to go in.

CHASE reports being extremely satisfied with my team’s work and results. 

Social Media Management

CHASE’s social media audiences were fragmented and stagnant when my team received them at handover.

Following research, it became apparent that users were interested in accessing the jobs they wanted and information they needed to get jobs they wanted.

Thus I began posting content aligned with these desires daily instead of haphazardly. The audience responded immediately and our engagement rates quickly eclipsed records set by the previous agency.

These activities required no input from CHASE other than approval for some posts.

Blog Content Creation

My content producer wrote one new blog post per week for CHASE, with the word count for each post averaging on 1000 words. These were highly thought-out pieces providing valuable information to new and existing members of the workforce.

My team identified opportunities during prior keyword research and set a strategy which guided our choice of topics. Each post was also optimised for search engines and CHASE continues to get traffic organically to their website from this content.

Below are some of our high-performing posts.

Graphics Design

As a company, CHASE was heavily invested in their systems and less so on the look and feel of their product. I immediately built templates in line with their design style at the time which communicated the benefits of their top opportunities to candidates in a quick and easy way.

Users responded very positively to these newly designed graphics with posts garnering hundreds of clicks, likes, and shares.

Database EDM Activation

CHASE had never engaged in EDM marketing prior to our collaboration. We immediately identified opportunities in a database of previous candidates numbering in the 5 figures. After warming the database through several introductions, I directed users to engage with the CHASE LinkedIn Page. This resulted in a large organic increase of followers to the Page.

Later, these candidates were sent communications about vacancies that may be of interest to them.

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