CHASE is the largest independent recruitment agency and contract sales organisation (CSO) in the UK. In 2016 they were recapitalised by Vespa Capital with the goal of doubling their EBITDA within the next five years. To do this, they wanted to end the cycle they had repeated every year, which was to hire the best agency on the street, receive a fancy and overpromising proposal, and experience poor results. It was time to do something different, and in this challenging background I came in to pitch.

I think I stood out because I did not have any employees and was not running an agency. I outlined the contract-based model with which I had found success at MedRecruit and laid out a simple plan through which they could take control of their marketing success. I proposed finding strategies that worked for CHASE and then getting an in-house employee to continue with these efforts after everything was already proven and set up.

My proposal was accepted and I started work on January 1st.

Key activities in over the next few months included:

  • designing and copywriting EDMs to all of CHASE’s current and former candidates
  • designing social media templates to advertise featured jobs
  • creating a content strategy and keeping the content calendar full
  • creating SEO-rich written content to advise CHASE’s candidates
  • conducting research so that these pieces were actually useful to these high-level candidates
  • scheduling daily content to be posted to CHASE social media, including industry-news
  • reporting on results and altering activities to improve results
  • increasing conversion rates through split-testing
  • creating a plan and comprehensive handover for the new employee hired at the end of my contract

One of the biggest challenges in this role was dealing with the company’s internal policies, which required numerous levels of sign-off for each social media post, graphic, blog post, or ad. However, as engagement rates began to lift and traffic increased, this became much easier. At the end of my contract, I handed over the plan and templates to CHASE’s new marketing hire and continued to support when needed.

social media

Organic and Advertising on Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn


Blog Posts + Long-Form Guides for Lead-Gen Landing Pages

inbound marketing

Split-Tested Landing Pages

Database EDM Activation

I immediately identified opportunities to increase the CHASE social media presence by emailing their database of current and previous candidates, which numbered around 20,000 subscribers. CHASE had never done mass email marketing before, so getting them to agree to this was a challenge!

I emailed the database saying that we were going to be much more active on the CHASE LinkedIn Page and if they wanted to be aware of upcoming job opportunities, that they should follow us. This resulted in a large organic increase of followers to the Page.

The success of this EDM led to CHASE using the database to email out their featured jobs.

Graphics Design

Very quickly into this role I designed social media templates through which CHASE could communicate to potential candidates the benefits of a job opportunity. This included location, pay and benefits, a job title, and a short description.

Social Media Management

CHASE engagement rates on social media were low because they lacked consistency. I immediately used a scheduling tool to post at least one piece of content per day, be it industry news, a job opportunity, or a blog post on the CHASE website.

CHASE consultants were encouraged to share these posts to their LinkedIn pages, which lifted reach and engagement. As I outlined in the beginning, what I was really working towards was a framework for continued success that did not rely on agencies, and participation from the consultants was key.

Engagement rates began to lift and with that, so did traffic from social media.

In order to further foster a sense of community, I profiled each CHASE consultant on the LinkedIn page as well so that our greater audience would know the names and faces behind the company that would offer them jobs. We noticed a slight increase in applications after this activity.

Blog Content Creation

CHASE markets job opportunities to high-level candidates in the pharmaceutical and medical sales industries. I quickly realised I did not possess the knowledge I needed to create content they would find valuable, so I spoke to CHASE consultants to understand challenges these candidates faced, the industries they worked in, and the roles they were applying for. I then wrote posts averaging 1000 words. I am proud to say that these pieces are still in circulation by the CHASE team today.

Each post was also optimised for search engines and I created graphics for some, such as graphs and charts.

I have linked below to all posts I wrote, which are on the CHASE website. Please note these were all ghostwritten with authorship given to a consultant relevant to the topic. I also produced hot jobs posts every week.

Analysis and Reporting

CHASE was naturally concerned with the efficacy of my efforts. Whereas they previously had no analysis tools (how were those agencies they had hired proving success?!), I activated Moz for SEO, installed Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for traffic and user engagement, and used Sprout Social to measure social media activity.

This then allowed me to create periodic reports which guided my efforts and showed CHASE the result of what I was doing. Further, it gave the employee that was hired at the end of my contract a window into what we had done and the tools with which to measure her success.

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