Luana Marchi


Luana Marchi is a health and wellness coach, influencer, and brand ambassador. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, Luana has developed a community of people in Brasil and Australia who are passionate about improving their well-being through eating well and exercising. Her website had not caught up with her amazing work on social media.

Luana previously had a website on WordPress. I recommended she move to Squarespace (like comedian Jesse Mulligan) as it would be easier for her to update the website from her smartphone whenever she needs to. Luana leads an active life and she is always on the move. Being able to update her website while leading tours in India or working out is vital to her business model.

Within 2 weeks, Luana’s website was completed both in English and Portuguese for her Brasilian followers. She reports being very pleased with the end result. It’s a beautiful website because her pictures are gorgeous.

Thank you for making my life so much easier! Your attention to details and precise work delivered a great website.

– Luana Marchi


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