MedRecruit was created in 2006 by Dr Sam Hazledine (pictured above) and has since grown to be the largest medical recruitment agency in Australasia. The company is now a subsidiary of MedEnterprises, an umbrella organisation which manages numerous businesses that aim to improve doctors’ work and life.  In 2016 Dr Sam Hazledine successfully lobbied the World Medical Organisation to change its Declaration of Geneva.

MedRecruit contracted my services in 2015 to deliver custom-coded EDM templates so that their 30+ consultants could easily fill out and send opportunities to candidates through MailChimp.

I was then awarded a contract to maintain and develop all five of MedEnterprises’ key websites, including their main 350+ page sales funnel website ( which converts hundreds of new candidate registrations every week. Once development was completed, I became responsible for maintaining these websites and improving the flow of traffic to them.

I continue to support the Med companies as required.

WordPress + Custom Wordpres Plugins + Custom .NET+ Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Nation Builder



Project Management & Administration

I developed a talented contract-based team for MedRecruit which included skilled front-end developers, .NET developers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialists, SEO specialists, graphic designers, data entry managers and administrative staff.

MedRecruit received the benefits of an agency without paying the exorbitant prices agencies demand for their infrastructure. Due to a lack of silos, work was often completed before schedule.

I came to be known colloquially in the MedRecruit office as the postman because we always deliver.

I continue to manage MedRecruit’s digital assets, including servers, hosting accounts, and the hundreds of domain names they own.


MedRecruit required MailChimp templates that any MailChimp-illiterate consultant could drop their data into. The template would then display it in tables and sections. I delivered custom HTML templates where pre-styled sections could be added / deleted / hidden with a click.

These templates were well-received by the team of consultants and performed positively.

template_1template_2template_3campaign_engagementaudience growth

SEO, Organic Lead Gen & Reporting

A large portion of my mandate at MedRecruit was to increase traffic organically. This meant finding link-building opportunities, tracking and improving SEO, and using a complex network of Google Tag Manager tags to follow users as they engaged with the website. As a result, we were able to split test numerous improvements and produce extremely granular reports on the conversion funnel’s status.

Tools used include Moz, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Optimizely, and more.


Landing Pages

MedRecruit uses Unbounce to produce hundreds of extremely targeted landing pages to which doctors are sent from EDMs, Google Display advertisements and social media advertisements.

Each of these landing pages submits detailed doctor information through an API directly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that consultants can pick up the lead and convert them.

Through improvements guided by hundreds of split tests, these landing pages can convert thousands of doctors at rates of 20% or higher.

Unbounce Landing Pages produce conversion rates higher than 20%

Web Design

MedRecruit’s main website was initially a non-customised WordPress theme that was stark, square, and generally unappealing to look at.

It performed acceptably, but I felt it did not reinforce MedRecruit’s position as the top medical recruitment agency in Australasia. I thus tendered a new design to the CMO with a suggestion to split test it 2 weeks free of charge, and if it improved results to implement the new design.

The new design showed a 14% increase in conversions and thus it was implemented.

This led to a redesign of MedRecruit’s other digital properties, such as MedCapital (WordPress), MedWorld (Nation Builder), Medical Payroll Specialists (WordPress), and CEO Sam Hazledine’s personal website (SquareSpace).

See the initial design (left) and updated design (right).

Web Development

MedRecruit’s projects involved developing on several different platforms and languages, such as WordPress, NationBuilder, SquareSpace, and .NET.

Using local developers and a remote team in India, I was able to complete tasks quickly by communicating over Skype and referencing a shared task list.

The contract-based team I developed moved quickly through development stages and delivered bug-free systems before deadlines.

My lean method of working saved MedRecruit nearly $30,000 during the course of this project.

Graphic Design

MedRecruit spends thousands of dollars a week on display advertising and requested ads be designed and improved in line with results. These graphics continue to produce results for MedRecruit.

Additionally, MedRecruit attends many tradeshows and conferences which require brochures, flyers, and other print materials. I have designed and delivered numerous print graphics for MedRecruit.

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