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razzbri recruitment was a boutique recruitment agency with an impressive roster of A-level clients in the digital sector. They were small but they had nailed their niche, which was placing top-tier 24-35 year old candidates who had mastered digital skills such as design, development, marketing, and management.

In 2016, the team at razzbri was feeling overwhelmed with their workload. Their full-time consultants were extremely busy and could not find time to market their business and bring more people into their community. I was contracted to manage a rebrand for razzbri and lead their marketing efforts.

After receiving updated branding elements from a local agency, I gave razzbri a makeover to represent the trendy brand that they are and began setting up marketing systems.

I upgraded their website to feature a very simple and clean theme. The website was extremely lite (small page size) so it loaded very quickly, and it was integrated with JobAdder so that available roles were displayed on the company website. I designed job ad templates to quickly advertise top jobs, hot jobs, and more. I created EDM templates to send razzbri’s database the best jobs they had going at the moment. I kept posts scheduled for release on social media at all times and I kept the content calendar full. When people engaged with razzbri on social media, I was there to reply.

In addition to running these activities on a daily basis, I engaged in analytics and reporting to measure how these efforts were paying off. The company kept on growing and eventually hired staff to manage marketing activities internally using the systems and designs I had created.

About a year after I began working with razzbri, they caught the eye of executives at AdCorp and were acquired. They have since branched out into other countries and markets.


WordPresss + JobAdder

Favourite Work: Faces for razzbri Consultants

Graphic Design for Social Media

Graphics such as these could be easily changed by anyone with basic knowledge of Photoshop. They were posted daily on social media and performed effectively.

EDM Marketing w/ MailChimp

razzbri had not engaged in email marketing prior to my involvement. We were able to increase applications to roles and decrease candidates’ downtime through simple EDMs such as the ones featured below.

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