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razzbri recruitment is a trendy recruitment agency with an impressive roster of A-level clients in the digital sector. They place top-tier 24-35 year old candidates who have mastered digital skills such as design, development, marketing, and management. The agency has since rebranded following an acquisition by AdCorp. They now cover Australia and South Africa in addition to New Zealand.

I was co-contracted by razzbri to bring new institutions and individuals into the strong network they had developed. We went to work quickly developing their online presence, upgrading their website, and sustaining ongoing social media and content marketing activities.

This allowed razzbri’s team of consultants to focus on cultivating relationships while we handled their marketing activities.


WordPresss + JobAdder

Website Design & Development

Our mandate for razzbri’s web property was to provide a very simple, clean, and light website which did not skimp on functionality.

I delivered a website in line with brand guidelines with an average page size of 600 kb, as compared to the current average of 2332 kb per page. With each page being 25% the size of an average web page, this website loaded quickly over all connections and on all devices.

The website was integrated with JobAdder using JSON, supplying a feed of available jobs to the website in real time where users could filter jobs, view job details, and apply for jobs.

In lieu of heavy features, I chose small flourishes to accent the website. The team at razzbri were delighted by the cartoon faces we had commissioned for their ‘About Us’ section.

Graphic Design for Social Media

razzbri needed to be able to put out their best jobs in an attractive and attention-grabbing format on social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter where concentrations of their prime candidates were highest.

I developed graphics templates to be used in broadcasting available opportunities on social media.

These ads were posted daily on social media and performed very effectively. I monitored razzbri’s profiles for responses and actively engaged with users.

EDM Marketing w/ MailChimp

Prior to my involvement, razzbri recruitment did not engage in email marketing. After noticing they possessed a five-year-old database with nearly 6,000 email addresses in it, I identified a tremendous opportunity.

Since the database had not been emailed in five years, leads had to be warmed up with introductory emails before regular communications to the database could commence.

EDM Marketing has continued to perform effectively for razzbri, activating hundreds of dormant candidates and converting them into active candidates. I was also able to decrease downtime for candidates by sending lists of qualified candidates directly to hiring managers in large organisations.

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