Roche Products

Roche is a multinational healthcare company with headquarters in Switzerland. It has offices in many countries around the world and employs around 100,000 people. I worked for the Pharmaceutical division at Roche for the New Zealand market.

About Roche & The Lung Division

Since 1969, Roche has supplied over 100 medicines to New Zealand with a focus on cancer therapies.

In their lung division, Roche supplies Alecensa, Avastin, Tarceva, and TECENTRIQ.

TECENTRIQ is the latest medicine to join the lung division treating the most common lung cancer, metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (mNSCLC). Its rival, Keytruda, was released by Merck several months earlier than TECENTRIQ and had been labelled a wonder drug by the media.

TECENTRIQ has several key advantages over Keytruda and the mission was to communicate this to HCPs (Health Care Providers).

About My Work

I was briefed on TECENTRIQ and the challenging market it was being released to and asked to develop a positioning proposal for TECENTRIQ which would place it as the first choice for Health Care Providers looking to treat mNSCLC. If my proposal was successful, I would be retained to roll out the positioning across all marketing materials and design any materials needed by the team to reach their goal of placing TECENTRIQ as the first choice for HCPs.

The key brand imagery I designed with the running man stepping onto the “T” became a key element of the TECENTRIQ brand.

Delivering this contract required communicating with people in numerous company departments, such as product, medical, legal, marketing, central brand, and accounting, while liaising with third-party providers such as printers, marketing companies, and event organisers and meeting their requirements.

I designed many different kinds of marketing materials for Roche including interactive forms, interactive digital sales aids (DSA), leave pieces, brochures, flyers, banners, videos, web pages, ads, charts, graphs and more.

A particular challenge of this role lay in sorting through complex data and turning it into interesting and appealing graphs and charts.

I can not display my work publicly due to an NDA. Please email me for further information. 

I produced the following for Roche:

Interactive PDF / Word Forms

For use when ordering TECENTRIQ

Campaign Documents

Informational documents for digital / print

Leave Pieces & Booklets

For patients, HCPs, and stakeholders

Custom EDM Templates

For TECENTRIQ, Alecensa & Avastin

Pull-Up Banners

TECENTRIQ & Roche Brands Pull-Up Banners

Branded Pens & Post-It Notes

Marketing collateral for TECENTRIQ

Interactive Digital Sales Aid (DSA)

Interactive PDF Sales Aid (100+ pages!)

Print & Digital Advertising

Full-Page Ads for TECENTRIQ

Informational Websites

Educational websites for consumers by Roche Products

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