TEDxDunedin 2015


In 2015 I applied for and was granted the license for TEDxDunedin. After a 4 year hiatus, I resurrected TEDx in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I assembled a team and organised the event in less than three months. The organising committee had an average age of 21, and with this energy and vigour we sold out and produced a spectacular event.

Of course, it was not without hiccups. Halfway through our timeline, our venue of choice fell through and we had to seek a new venue. At this time we also made the decision to increase the ticketing allocation by 50% which impacted all aspects of the event, from logistics to seating, food and drinks, staff, and licensing requirements.

Our team solved problems quickly and deliberately as they came up and the event was exceptionally well received by the community. Attendees gave it an NPS of 68.


Wearable Brochure / Name Tag

Seamless Planning & Execution

TEDxDunedin 2015 would not have been possible without a large amount of behind-the-scenes planning.

I began planning with a budget. This was strictly adhered to during the duration of our activities. I then set a gantt chart running down to the event, built a team based on requirements, and delegated areas of attention to leaders.


I did not announce TEDxDunedin 2015 until tickets went on sale.

However, I did tease the audience for 2 weeks prior with images of the TEDxDunedin sign being built. This initiated conversations in the community.

When tickets went on sale I followed my usual procedure of distributing communications to existing third-party audiences through incentives (e.g. a post on a page of 25,000 people with tickets to win, newsletters to University departments, etc.) See Startup Weekend for a similar strategy.

I sold the event out in days, increased the allocation by 50%, and sold that out too.

During the event, a live stream was displayed worldwide using my own live streaming equipment and operators.

MC Jason Beck encouraged audiences to participate online and #TEDxDunedin2015 was #2 trending in New Zealand that evening.

A VIP Experience

I wanted every attendee of the event to feel like a VIP.

That’s why from the moment they entered our venue, The Dunedin Public Art Gallery, they were greeted by upbeat music and welcoming faces and led up to the photo shoot area. Standing in front of a sponsor wall, a photography team made each attendee feel like important.

A food truck distributed freshly cooked food to attendees and free drinks kept conversations flowing and our MC, co-organiser Jason Beck, made the crowd feel comfortable and relaxed. It was a wonderful night of intellectual stimulation.

All of this would not have been possible without the commitment and determination of the crew, some of which are pictured below.

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