Timely is a SaaS startup that creates software for appointment-based businesses. It became cashflow positive after 3 years in operation.

Timely hired me to manage social media and content marketing to their hair, beauty, massage, health and fitness customers.

Primary responsibilities at Timely included setting social media strategy and managing all social media assets, growing online audiences organically through engaging posts, seeking sales opportunities in online industry groups, setting content strategy, creating original content for distribution on Timely’s social media, and design.

I created over 100,000 words of original content for Timely and they continue to post this content today. Timely’s Facebook page tripled in size within a year and engagement rates soared. The content and social media strategies I designed are still in use by the company.


I created over 100,000 words of original, SEO-rich content for Timely within a year. I engaged Timely’s audience not just through distributing content but in creating it too; many of our posts relied on communicating with Timely users and writing content based on their responses to our questions.

Here are some examples of my work.

Social Media Management

Timely’s social media strategy centred around developing audiences that were rich in our target markets.

I executed this by posting shareable content specific to these users. If some members audiences didn’t engage, that wasn’t for them. They were eclipsed by the ones who did engage who had users similar to them in their audiences.

Using this strategy, Timely’s Facebook page grew the page organically from ~4,000 users to ~13,000 users in 12 months, while increasing engagement rates.

Some posts went viral.

One post, which reminded users about daylight saving, went internationally viral clocking up 14m views, 42k reactions, 324.5k shares, and 5.7k comments. Reminders about daylight saving are valuable to Timely’s users as they run appointment-based businesses.

Viral Social Media Post for Timely SaaS Startup


Timely is dedicated to creating a product that looks as good as it works. A large portion of my work at Timely involved graphics and web design with constant improvements based on results.

I found great success in creating graphics templates for Timely social media managers so that they could quickly create shareable posts on social media. My goal was to get salon owners to share our posts with the understanding that members of their social circles were salon owners and potential customers too. This strategy produced significant ROI.

I  also designed Timely’s content areas on their website, such as the blog and Timely Tips, an evergreen bank of content I produced.

Inspirational quote graphic template created for social media
Useful business advice graphics template created for Timely's social media
Fun Social Media Graphics Template created for Timely's Social Media
Shareable Social Media Graphics Template created for Timely's Social Media
Testimonial Graphic Template created for Timely's Social Media
SaaS Startup Recruitment Graphic Seeking Employees for Timely's Social Media
Fun and Entertaining Social Media Graphics Template for Timely SaaS Startup
Support Update Graphics Template for Timely SaaS Startup
Blog Design for Timely SaaS Startup
Blog Design for Timely SaaS Startup
Blog Design for Timely SaaS Startup
Call To Action Blog Design for Timely SaaS Startup

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